5 Things to Do Online to Make Money, Starting Now!

Looking for ways to earn money online? There are many ways to do it. I’ve outlined some of them below –

Become a Virtual Assistant –  help others with their daily work can be a great way for you to make money. Can you help with online research, database entries, social media, book keeping or maybe scheduling then a freelance VA position might be a good option for you. Virtual assistants are in good demand these days. You’ll find VA’s in almost all industries and faculties. The most preferred VA’s are in also in the blogging world where in professional and established bloggers hire VA to setup blogs for them.

Test Others Websites – websites such as usertesting.com offers $10 / website that you test. Testing websites for bugs and all other parameters is agreat place to start. You can make clients by finding out broken links and then intimidating people about their broken links – in a way you’ll already be on your path to make your first client.

Sell Unusable Stuff – Often at times we have lot of stuff that we don’t use or it’s out of any use for us. Clean out your closets, garage and cupboards and sell your stuff online. Places like ebay, craigslist and local facebook groups are good places to start. There are various websites already setup to sell your un-ususable stuff.

Buy and Sell Domains – Although this side of business makes a lot of technique and research but it’s definitely worth investing your time and money on this. You’ll have to keep updated yourself with trends and keywords that you can use to buy and sell domains. The best place to start is godaddy domains. Some of the top most selling domains are already sold for millions of dollars.

TIP: Keep a track of keywords that you are interested in and then make a list of them. Search for domains and register them and list it for auctions on top selling websites.

Become a YouTuber – Self-made youtube personalities are no new in this VLOG Times. Make a VLOG of yourself including tips & tricks that you’re simply best at and see make yourself rise as a Youtube Star. You can then monetize from ads, affiliate marketing (possibilities are endless).


Hanish is a Digital Marketer, WEB Developer, Blogger & Entrepreneur in India. You can Reach him for Blog Setup Consulting & Online Activation of your Brand.



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