What is Pi Day? why is it celebrated on 14th March?

Pi day March 14-a day also known as National Pi(e) day.

What is Pi Day?

“Pi” is basically one of the best-known mathematical constants in the world.

Pi Day 2017

Pi is very often described as the ratio of a circle’s circumference [the length of the curved line that forms the circle] and the diameter [any straight line from one point on the circumference of the circle to another that passes through its center]. The formula that connects them is C = 2πR, where C is the circumference and R is the radius [the straight line between the center of a circle to its circumference, which is exactly half of the diameter].

Why is Pi Day celebrated on 14th March?
Because pi is often shortened to 3.14 and the number resembles today i.e, 14th march. United States has its own celebration, and has branded the day “National Pi Day.”

Almost everywhere in the world, it is basically a geeky, where engineers come and celebrate the number that is pi.

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