Save Money in India in 2017 – 10 Simple Ways + Tips

To Save money in India in 2017 is something that you can do very easily. There are many people who have implemented this proverb in Life. I have myself saved lots of money following what I was taught by my elders.But these days, people with high disposable income never bother to save money. Instead, they spend more on Unnecessary things.

“A penny Saved is a penny earned”.

Save money in India in 2017

I am not saying Spending Money is Bad or you should not spend money, but spending unnecessarily on mobile phones (like you have latest and you still want newly launched) will eventually make you spend more and waste your money.

I’ve listed some Traditional and Online methods of Saving your Money here. (Only for people Like ME) 🙂

1. Always Shop with a List.

There is this common pattern to go out and pick up whatever things you like. Wait for a Second and think what all you need to get going for that particular month/week or say for three months. If you do this, you’ll simply narrow down your process which will ultimately save you time, energy, and money too.

2. Make Monthly Budget and Stick to it.

Many people make a mistake of not sticking to a Monthly Budget for shopping or buying household things or rather also for personal expenditure. Let’s say if you earn 50,000 a month – stick to spending say at 38,000 – Now divide that amount into different parts as per your expenses for that month.
My pattern of Monthly Budget is –

  1. Home Expenses – XXXX
  2. School (Kids) Expenses – XXX
  3. Travel (work + personal) – XXX
  4. Leisure Expenses (Parties + Outings) – XXX
  5. EMI’s (Vehicle, Home, etc.) – XXX

The sad part is although many of you must be making this planning for the coming month, but there is also one thing called “Invisible Expenses” or “Emergency” expenses.

so the Number “6. Invisible Expenses – XXX” is also a must. Keep aside amount for that. It may be just a small amount but if you see it’s very necessary and it will save you much money because small amounts become big amounts one day.

3. Select A Good Saving Account

Investing or Depositing in a Good savings account and you will have options of Auto Recurring or Auto Investment features where some amount from your account will go towards that Savings. Some portion saved every month will contribute to future Savings.

4.  You don’t need to Flaunt Brands all the Time, Do YOU?

Unless you’re from Entertainment Industry, Movie Star, or a Celebrity then I don’t necessary need to spend so much money on Brands all the Time. To Save money in India can be a lot easier if people stopped running behind brands all the time. There’s nothing wrong with liking brands, however, it’s OK to indulge once in a while, but not always. Avoid brands for your day to day clothes and accessories and go for less expensive ones, for consumer durables or stuff like furniture ask around if someone knows some wholesaler as they will have the same stuff for much cheaper prices. Also, you can always pick them up when they have which enables you to save money in India in 2017.

5. Save money from Shopping Sites.

Saving money in India in 2017 from Shopping sites money in two ways –

  1. You get discounts & coupons while you purchase with various codes just search shopping site + discount coupon and see the list of codes appearing on the first search page.
  2. Whenever you select products for online shopping – save the products to list but don’t check out. Plan for later shopping – prices on these websites keep changing often so you may be lucky to get the same item at less price that you were to check out before.

6. Cashback sites

These offer a percentage of spend back to you every time you shop through them online, and sometimes in-store, so long as you register your credit card with them. While the percentage does not always seem very much at the time, the amount can add up. Two of the biggest cashback sites are and

7. Using loyalty cards

Signing up for loyalty cards offered by specific retailers allows savvy shoppers to earn points or other incentives for their custom. Another important part of disciplined money saving is ditching the credit and using debit cards or cash or cheque for payments. Opt for Membership or loyalty cards at various stores like Reliance, D-Mart, Shoppers Stop, Chroma Stores and almost all stores offer Loyalty cards.

8. Start Investing

Most importantly, mere saving will not grow your money. The saved money should be invested to really unlock the potential of these savings. All your savings apart from the 3-month contingency fund should be invested in diversified ways. If you haven’t you can check here on how to start investing.

9. Using PAYTM and other Digital Wallets

PAYTM and Other Digital Wallets often save you more money than seems usual. for e.g, If you pay through PAYTM you get discounts on Fuel, Shopping at several shopping sites. It’s safe and faster than usual to transfer money from PAYTM account to other sites & portals.

9. Digital TV & Mobile Plans (Opting for long term Investment plans then short term will save you more money)

These days there are many plans available for Unlimited calling + STD calling + 3GB Internet pack in POSTPAID & PREPAID both. Almost all Telecom Operators including Vodafone, Airtel, IDEA have these plans.

The benefits of opting such plans is you don’t have to pay more in Data packs because they give you almost 3GB on each plan which is very good considering 1GB of data costs around rupees 297 approximate. So you get 3GB in just around Rs. 500 approx which is way better.

Way to cut down on Digital TV expenses – Opt. for a Full year Plan to save money in India in 2017.

The full year plan gives flexibility of adding and deleting channels which no other plan will give you and you save on around 2 months. I understand that you have to pay in starting up- front cost but then it ultimately saves you 2 months on Digital TV expenses + Flexibility of adding & deleting channels.

10. Using AIRBNB for Travel and Save Money in India in 2017

I prefer to book through Airbnb instead of Hotels directly whenever I go for long vacations. It’s a Service where you can find apartments, homes, and villas rather than hotels. Get Extra rooms at fantastic prices.

My Trip to Thailand and Singapore

I booked an apartment in Thailand at a meager cost of 15,000 rupees per month. It was way cheaper than other hotels.

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